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Eileen Kane was featured on NPR's To the Best of Our Knowledge. Click here for the full programme.

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Ashley Luthern, a Youngstown Vindicator reporter who is the same age now as I was when I went to the Paiute reservation, wrote to me recently. This is part of her message:

My background is similar to yours. I'm a reporter for The Vindicator now. However, I double-majored in anthropology, in addition to journalism. One of my last college courses was reflexive anthropology. Trickster would have been perfect for that class. I found that reflexivity is really important in both journalism and anthropology. Why am I telling the story this way instead of another? Who is included? Who is excluded? Am I being accurate and fair? What in my personal experience has influenced how I view this situation? This book helped me a lot with that. 

It's hard to put into words what Youngstown does to a person. You're entirely right when you say it always affects people.


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