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Eileen Kane was featured on NPR's To the Best of Our Knowledge. Click here for the full programme.

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This is an interview with Judy Murphy in the Connacht Tribune, a major western Irish newspaper. The photo shows me in front of my house on the edge of the Atlantic. in the Connacht Tribune, Ireland


And here are some reviews...

Kane's work evokes a memory of Margaret Mead who liberated anthropology out of its captivity behind college walls. Is it a novel? Of course not. Kane's book combines the depth of anthropology with the accessibility of the novel. It is written in a captivating and yet rich style, hilarious and entertaining for almost all readers. But above all, the book shows real people and normal human beings. Unlike other anthropology books, often ridden with meaningless, esoteric, anthropological jargon, Kane speaks in pain words and refuses to stand between the reader and the studied. Perhaps we should all go back to our long-forgotten PhD fieldwork theses in the way Kane does here.  The future of anthropology may demand just that.

Abdullahi Osman el-Tom
Department of Anthropology
National University of Ireland, Maynooth



One of my favorite reviews is written by "idleprimate," posted on the  "goodreads" web site on February 6 2011. "Idleprimate" is an eclectic and discriminating reader, so I'm flattered to be included on the list. I'm also charmed by the fact that he or she is a self-described "shmuck," like most of the rest of us.