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While I was working with the Paiutes in 1964, I became aware of the fact that my research was one-sided and top-down (as the research of that era tended to be).  I saw that it would take a kaleidoscope of perspectives, disciplines, and researchers--both within the group and without-just to begin to understand and reflect the lives of the people we were trying to study. I also wanted to help those people with some kind of useful practical action, if action was needed and wanted.


 "Afterword: The Gambia, 1994-2004" gives one example of the kind of work I later became interested in as a result of my early reflections. To learn more about my rationale for doing this, you can click here to read "Why Participation?" If you want to learn a little more about the actual techniques used in "Afterword 1994-2004," click here.  Finally, you can browse a list of selected websites and readings for more on the subject, by clicking here.