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"A Taste of Participatory Learning and Action" is a sample introduction to a few techniques commonly used in participatory research. At the end of this section, you'll find a link to it.

This kind of "taster" would be presented to a group during a half-day workshop, to help them consider whether such approaches would be useful in their work. This particular "taster" was used with a group of graduate nursing students who wanted to make their work as trainers and practitioners more relevant. I've used similar kinds of introductory workbooks for people working on issues related to environment, gender, sanitation, organizational change, film and media, community development, agriculture, education, conflict, and a number of others. Each time, the "taster" has to be adapted, if not changed entirely.

So, the thing to remember when looking at this sample is it will only give you a sense of a few techniques. IT WILL NOT EQUIP YOU TO DO A REAL PROJECT  (I'm shouting here) - you need to know a lot more, not only about other techniques, but about the attitudes, philosophy and behavior that are critical to true participation.

For more on this subject, you can also look at "Useful resources for participatory research" on this website, or just look on the Internet-there are many helpful sites.

To see the "taster", Click Here.