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Eileen Kane was featured on NPR's To the Best of Our Knowledge. Click here for the full programme.

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More of the Book

While I was working with the Paiutes in 1964, I became aware of the fact that my research was one-sided and top-down (as the research of that era tended to be).  I saw that it would take a kaleidoscope of perspectives, disciplines, and researchers--both within the group and without-just to begin to understand and reflect the lives of the people we were trying to study. I also wanted to help those people with some kind of useful practical action, if action was needed and wanted.


Three guys under a tree-Lamin, Ousman and Lawrence.  One with a stick, one with a pile of rocks, one with a deck of cards and the lightning hand of a seasoned dealer. Lawrence, the dealer, flicks three cards each to a small group of rough-looking characters. "Don't talk unless you throw down a card first," he warns.

At the edge of the tree canopy, Lamin sketches some lines in the sand with the stick. Ousman keeps his rocks handy. A stringy cat creeps by, unscathed.


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